Fast Track to Freedom
6 Month Coaching Program
that Will Change Your Life!

Tired of Soul Searching?

Not Even Sure What You Are Searching For?

If you have an unclear yearning, the universe will match this energy and you will be in confusion, disappointment and vagueness. We need to clear the blocks that protect you from yearning with unclear energy. Remember that a scrambled system will emanate static. The universe is constantly matching your call through the energy you send out.

Do you feel like time is running away with your dreams?

~ Feeling Separated?
~ Spiritually Unfulfilled?
~ Overwhelmed?
~ Stressed?
~ Never Enough Time?
~ Tired of the Familiar Suffering?

If Even ONE of the above issues is true for you, it will affect ALL areas of your life!

Ready to change your life, no matter what???

It might seem like it's impossible and irreparable, but it’s actually just ONE area that you need to shift, and this one change will create change in all other areas.

Having clear boundaries and love for you on the inside first, guilt free!
Knowing exactly what you want and how to call it to yourself easily!
Feeling like God’s got your back!
Knowing and speaking your truth in all areas of your life!
Having Time Freedom to enjoying an active, healthy lifestyle … and loving it!

You Can Have ALL of the Above!
The Fast Track To Freedom Can Change Your Life
In Just 6 Months!!!

Kimberly completely changed her life around with Dana's coaching using the Soular Healing Method!

Dana’s coaching took me from the familiar suffering of chronic neck pain, body aches, brain fog, poor attention, mental and physical fatigue, and lack of joy. I have suffered with different versions of this for 15 yrs. This was a stubborn pattern and I recently broke through and finally got a fundamental shift and was able to let go of the idea of myself being helpless, afraid and stuck.

I especially like the tools Dana taught me to find my way back from old patterns. I am now in a healthier place where I can recognize the patterns when they are emerging and keep the remembrance that I can choose a healthier, loving way and that I am worth it!

I am able to see that I was always capable of more and I am able to do all the things I wanted to do. I am now able to celebrate and use my gifts and not waste time mourning the pain and the past. I accept the responsibility to know that I created feeling small and incapacitated out of the old fears.

Dana taught me that my past doesn't define my future anymore and I am stronger and more awesome than I allowed myself to be. I am worth it and I now understand how our manifestations of illness start in those subtle places where our thoughts drift and where we focus our energy really does matter.


Marie is an Elementary School Teacher and new client. After two sessions with Dana...

The saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears". For quite some time I have been observing my patterns of behaviour and recognizing that I am no longer comfortable with many beliefs I have about myself. Although there’s only been a couple of sessions with Dana thus far, I can say with absolute certainty my outlook on life is shifting and I'm experiencing a sense of relief coupled with joy and new-found energy. Her methodology, powerful intuition and ability to ‘connect the dots’ is quite phenomenal. Thank you so much Dana!


Leah Goard says "Working with Dana has had a profound effect on my life; in my relationships, in the advancement of my career and prosperity and in my ability to navigate my inner and outer world!

Since working with Dana, I am experiencing more inner freedom, acceptance and wisdom than I ever have. Dana provided the safe platform for me to literally touch the pain and fear that has held me hostage to repetitive patterns for years and let so much of it go! She is highly skilled, intuitive and with her brilliant sense of humor, working with Dana is truly one of the fastest ways to make the dramatic changes in your life that you have wanted to for years!” ~

Under all of the buried pain is a TREASURE CHEST of GOLD. I can help you uncover the hidden jewels of wisdom that are waiting to be discovered.

Change is a Choice!

Are You Ready To Do Whatever It Takes? Starting With the Decision to Say ‘YES’ To Change? If so, then the hard work is over!

This 6 Month Fast Track Coaching Program Will Help You with the Rest

I will assist you to go to the very fertile garden that contains your belief systems. I will teach you how to weed through the old adopted beliefs that are no longer serving you.

Dance with Me!

Fast Track to Freedom Group Coaching Program started on March 23rd 2015, but there is still the opportunity to join in!

$300 deposit then $427/month for 6 months

I can help you with your dream if you are ready to dance through an adventure of healing your past. That’s right, I said dance! It is like an energetic dance as I teach you how to move through the heavy energies of the old stuff. “This is not who you are, it is what is ready to be healed and released!”

I want to help you get into alignment with your goals so that you can enjoy being a co-creator with the God force energy that creates through you.

I will teach you how to read the old patterns one step at a time. You will learn to take responsibility to see the power in your unconscious and how you rinse and repeat the very pattern that keeps you stuck.

You aren't being punished ... Even though it might appear that way. You are being asked to look at your creations through the old beliefs so that you can let them go and bring in the new programing.

If you are finally ready to get some relief from the unwanted suffering, you already know what you need to do :)

You are going to go through a process to dehypnotize you

Most humans are walking through their lives in a trance state of who they think they are based on the stories that they tell themselves over and over again. This is a form of hypnosis, so what we will do in the 6 month Fast Track To Freedom coaching program is see where you flip the switch and go unconscious to you.


Here is what my Fast Track to Freedom
6 month coaching program will give you.

You will learn how to identify the pattern or the theme of the repetitive pattern/s.

You will learn how to be your own “Artist of Change” and mend your fractured heart.

You will be more aware of the eclipsed energies of others that are piggybacked on your personal bubble or energy field.

You will walk with clarity of your Soul’s Wisdom and finally get what it wants to learn here in Earth School.

You might even find out that you have never had clear boundaries for yourself before this program.

This is the Freedom that I wish for you!

In Depth 6 Month Coaching Program Includes:

You receive Dana’s life changing Soular Healing MethodTM. You will learn how to see symbolically and read your own patterns and take your power back to change your life! Learn the art of change and walk in the harmony of the Soul’s Wisdom to create ease and grace in all areas of your life.
19 PLUS hours of trainings and support in the 6 modules. These training calls are one hour training with extra Q & A time after each call. ( can be as much as 90 minutes with extra Q & A time )
6 private 30 minute coaching sessions per month to support your growth through each of the 6 modules and Create Your New Grid Code to operate from.
Recordings and digital downloads of all class modules, Group Coaching Webinars and Class Materials
Workbook pages as each module unfolds to support you with unravelling the entangled energies of the past
5 interviews from my favourite Thought Field Experts: Kute Blackson, Raphael Cushnir, Dawson Church, Carol Look, and Dr Sandi Radomski
Membership to our Private Facebook Group ~ where Dana will be available to answer questions


And here is how the Fast Track to Freedom Breaks Down:

Module One - Week One

I will walk you through The Soular Healing Method TM. These original drawings will bring you to a deep place where you will learn more about how the subconscious prefers to communicate by speaking through metaphors symptoms and symbols. You will receive workbook pages as each module unfolds to support you with unravelling the entangled energies of the past.

Week 2

You will get Dana’s approach with using Emotional Freedom Techniques also known as E.F.T. or Meridian Tapping. Dana’s original drawings using Energy Medicine will anchor in a deeper understanding to support the process and amp up the results that you are wanting to receive.

Week 3

Group Q & A clarity training call

Module Two- Week One

You will identify your ‘Theme’ and become aware of your core fractures that sit below the filing cabinet drawers of stories and beliefs. You will observe where you are entangled with patterns with partners, children, birth family, unresolved Karma, Soul contracts, religious and cultural beliefs, ego control and resistance to change.

Week 2

Keep focus on how you disconnect from you and what you've been getting out of it. There is always a fear based protective strategy that is behind the scenes getting a benefit out of the sabotage. Psychological reversals will be explained and discussed to help you to realign with new patterns of responseability. You will develop an ability to respond to the old triggers in a new way. We are essentially setting up a new grid pattern that will eventually operate itself.

Week 3

Group Q & A clarity training call

Module Three- Week One

Applications on how to go deeper with The Soular Healing Method TM and EFT to build a bridge back home to you. Practicing making decisions with your discernment power. Using the pendulum tool to have clear ‘Yes’s’  and non-negotiable ‘No’s’ so that you get out of the grey area and observe the discomfort of changing your inner compass to the new pattern of discernment power.

Week 2

More teaching on the three steps forward, two steps backward rule. How to get the learnings from the old mistakes and move into the new paradigm shift of putting you first. Understanding the importance of developing clear boundaries on the inside for you as opposed to no boundaries and how expensive this can get.

Week 3

Group Q & A clarity training call

Module Four - Week One

Going deeper into the Art of Receiving your new life and walking in alignment with the Soul’s wisdom and clarity. Teaching’s about the rubber band effect of out of balance giving and the not receiving pattern. Teaching on understanding Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies and how to remove the piggybacked energies blocking receiving. Using tools to activate Divine Feminine as the receiver and the container. This gives D.F. permission to be an attractor to what ever you allow yourself to want. Once this grid is in place and you know what it is that you want, then Divine Masculine works it’s magic with ease. The outside world of triggers will calm down. Side effects are less drama, stress, worry and life gets easy.

Week 2

Permission training to have ownership of your human vehicle. Allowing ‘chi’ to flow throughout all of your real estate. It is now getting safe to connect the dots with Head-Heart-Gut and have deeper connection with your Spirit ~ Soul ~ Body.

Week 3

Group Q & A clarity training call

Module Five - Week One

Allow the new learnings to bring in activators and triggers to test your progress. This is a key component of energy work. As you shift an old pattern, the gods send in the messengers and catalysts to give you an opportunity to have choice to choose the new way to be. The first couple of tests might hurt, but eventually you will sense them coming around the corner and get those clear boundaries anchored. This is where you get to practice not flipping the switch and going unconscious.

Week 2

More training and support on the discomfort of others as you change. Our inner circle people will often get disrupted and triggered when we call our discernment and power back. It is not ok to enable people anymore to believe in the old trance that we taught them about us. It's very empowering but also tricky the first little while until the shifts have been anchored in to the new grid code.

Week 3

Group Q & A clarity training call

Module Six - Week One

As we are in the last module of the Fast Track To Freedom Coaching Program, you will review back to your original wish list of what it was that you wanted to release and shift from the ‘old life’ you were in. Dana will address any group concerns from any participants that have bumped into a road block. Road blocks are just parts of you that are still under construction and the flow of ease and grace gets temporarily halted. This isn’t a bad thing, it is just the energies showing us what needs to be addressed on a deeper level.

Week 2

This is a group call to have discussions about the Graduation Gifts! This is really fun when the gifts start to flow based on the new grid template of clarity and love that you have been setting up. It exemplifies the Law of Attraction that will keep magnetizing high vibrational people and adventures into your daily creations.

Week 3

Wrap up questions with the group


Under all of the buried pain is a TREASURE CHEST of GOLD. I can help you uncover the hidden jewels of wisdom that are waiting to be discovered!


Imagine Walking a Spiritual Path directed by You

and Your Clarity through the Wisdom of Your Soul.


You want a quick fix and don’t want to put any effort into getting a return;
You don’t want to take responsibility to change;
You think that I am just one more person that shows you a door to walk through, but it won’t work for you;
You are using drugs or substances to numb yourself;
You want to be right instead of well;
You don’t want a deeper connection with God / Creator.


You are ready to let this work for you;
You want more fun and laughter in your life;
You are ready to surrender the beliefs that no longer serve you;
You are clear that you are finally ready to say ‘YES’ to YOU;
You align with getting the learnings and letting go of the ‘story’;
You want freedom and are committed to do what it takes to get it.

I can help you with your dream if you are ready to dance through an adventure of healing your past. That’s right, I said dance! It is like an energetic dance as I teach you how to move through the heavy energies of the old stuff.

If you want to finally get some relief from the unwanted suffering you can go here to sign up ……… You already know what you need to do :)

Fast Track to Freedom Group Coaching Program started on March 23rd 2015, but there is still the opportunity to join in!

$300 deposit then $427/month for 6 months

You can say YES now!!!

In 5 yrs you might wish that you would have said yes … life just keeps getting more expensive when you carry the burdens of the old ways.

Commit to you and I will teach you the rest :)

Love Dana